Attn: If you are replacing FSP212-3F01 with FSP212-3F02   Please Note: This FSP212-3F02 is a new Substitute Power Supply Module that works as replacement for the discontinued FSP212-3F01. However, a modification must be performed as the new FSP212-3F02 does not have the soldered on wiring to the 12 pin female connector. For the 12 pin connector you must connect (solder) the 12 wires from your old FSP212-3F01 to the new FSP212-3F02. You need to be careful during soldering because the traces are very close together. Also be aware of the pin-out orientation between the FSP212-3F01 and 3F02. They are different: one counts from right to left and the other from left to right. You can also buy a wiring harness part number 4WT0062302GP listed below for plug and play . If you are replacing the Darfon 4H.B0280.001 with FSP212-3F02 Please Note:you will need a new wiring harness part number 4WT0062302GP listed below


Code: FSP212-3F02


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Product Description

Power Supply 9OC2120201 Drawing
Mfg Part No: FSP212-3F02  Found in these brands and models:
Brand Model
Hannspree JT01-32U1-000G
Viewsonic N2635W
Viewsonic N2652W
Viewsonic N2752W
Viewsonic N3235W*
Viewsonic N3250W
Viewsonic N3251W*
Viewsonic N3252W
Viewsonic VS-11770-1M